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Meteorite Pendant


925 Silver with real Iron Meteorite

Length: 8.5cm

Width: 4cm

Depth: 1cm

This is an opportunity to own your own fallen star. These lumps of Iron have chipped from larger outerspace objects and orbited the sun before colliding with the Earth. These fallen stars are a unique mix of iron and nickel which produce two minerals called kamacite and taenite which are rare on earth. The intergrowth of these two crystals can be seen on this pendant on the lower polished piece and is called the Widmanstatten patern.

Because of the high contect of Iron in the meteroite it will require looking after. We advise keeping the pendant away from water and stored in a dry place.

This is a handmade one of a kind piece. The picture is the piece you are purchasing. All items come boxed. This pendant would look great on one of our thick snake chains which can be purchased separately. To care for your item we advise not to silver dip anything with stones in as it will damage the stone. To clean your item use mild soaps and water to clean it, and avoid storing it with jewellery which may scratch it. Use silver cloth on the silver. These are precious pieces of jewellery and should be handled with care.

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